FileZilla 3.3.2 RC1 Download


FileZilla 3.3.2 RC1

Downloads: 991588
File size: 3.96MB
Requirements: Windows XP / 2003 / Vista / Windows7 / XP64 / Vist
License: Open Source

FileZilla 3.3.2 RC1 Change Log
# New features:

* Speed limits can be quickly set using the menu and a new indicator in the status bar
* Display number of bytes transferred and duration of transfer in log
* MSW: React to back button of mouse in file lists
* Updated blukis icon set

# Bugfixes and minor changes:

* Refactored large parts of the toolbar and menubar code
* A race condition in the socket code could lead to crashes
* Fix connecting to addresses longer than 15 characters if using SOCKS proxy
* Get add to queue in local directory tree context menu working again
* Do not open request dialogs if user is holding a mouse button
* Forward all Ctrl+Tab key events to tab bar
* Do not report SFTP exitcodes that do not originate from the server

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