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FileZilla 3.0.7 RC1

Downloads: 984817
File size: 2.94MB
Requirements: Windows 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista / Windows7 / XP64
License: Open Source

FileZilla 3.0.7 RC1 Change Log
+ Ability to select different toolbar icon sizes if theme supports it
+ Local listings can be filtered by file attributes (Windows) or permissions (other)
+ Option to enable timestamps in message log
- Transfer queue pane did not remember its size correctly
- Fix infinite loop if dragging root node in Site Manager
- *nix: Fix segault if copying directory listing filters
- Keyboard navigation in file lists fixed
- MSW: Ctrl + Space not working
- *nix: Ctrl + A not selecting all files
- OS X: File changed notification can no longer get stuck behind main window
- Disable download in remote context menu if local directory is not writable
- Prevent opening multiple confirmation dialogs if closing FileZilla
- Speed up loading time of the more complex dialogs
- Fix cache problem if renaming files
- If preserving file timestamps, use MDTM command if downloading files where the directory listing does not have enough precision

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