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FileZilla 3 Beta 8

Downloads: 167453
File size: 2.67MB
Requirements: Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/XP64/Vista64
License: Open Source
FileZilla is a free FTP solution including a FTP client and a FTP server.

FileZilla 3 Beta 8 Change Log
! Fix data corruption on FTPS uploads
+ Implement speed limits
+ Last used local directory will be remembered
+ New option for the sorting of the filelists. Directories can be kept on top or sorted inline.
+ Display warning if detecting a Windows system with a networking bug confirmed by Microsoft
+ Right-clicking the Sitemanager button in the toolbar displays a popup menu with the sites for quick access. On Windows, a dropdown arrow got added.
- Directorylisting-parser fixes, including support for Microware OS-9
- Small SFTP transfer speed improvement under Windows
- Autocompletion did not work properly on GTK based systems
- Uninstalling FileZilla on Windows should no longer leave registry keys behind
- lots of small bugfixes

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